14 Body Language Signs Helps You Understanding Your Dog Better

The Dog’s Eyes

  • The eyes are wide open and alert this is how your pet tries to get your attention this means? He’s challenging you also your dog expects you to respond firmly keep in mind that when you approach an unfamiliar dog it’s better to avoid looking directly into his eyes for dogs staring at the eyes means aggression.
  • Dogs twins and blinks this means he’s ready to play it’s time [to] throw him his favorite ball or taken for a walk if your dog squints a lot his eyes might be in pain. In this case, It’s better to take him to a vet

The Dog’s Ears

  • The Ears are standing straight up or inclined forward the dog is showing you that he’s curious and reacting to some new event in his environment this means your dog is paying close attention to everything happening around
  • The Ears are flattened against the head if a sign of the dog is scared sometimes your pet may have only one ear down and most of the time the left one this is how dogs react to unfamiliar people or people they are afraid of.

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