14 Body Language Signs Helps You Understanding Your Dog Better

The Dog’s Stance

  • The dog Rolls over and exposes his belly the dog is showing you that to trust you and wants to leave you when you rub your dog’s belly after he rolls over he means you show him you’re pleased with his behavior. keep rubbing dogs love this
  • The dog puts his head on your knee this means the dog wants to get attention and show that he needs you if your dog touches your hands with his nose you want you to pet him in some cases this means he feels a bit lonely and wants to play for a while situation.
  • The dog puts his paw on your knee if the dog does it for the very plug look is trying to dominate in this Situation trainer suggests looking into the dog’s eyes and removing the paws that’s how he will understand that you are in charge
  • The dog has one front paw raised this stance means your pet wants to ask you something maybe he’s hungry or wants to play sometimes dogs do this when they notice nothing interesting it’s typical for a hunting dog breed.

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