5 Proofs Your Dog Does Behave Like You

Dogs have been with us for around 30,000 years, and today, we just can’t imagine life without these fluffy creatures. But the big, important question remains: just how close are humans and dogs to each other, and what are the key factors in this long and happy relationship?

1- Dogs have individual IQ levels

For centuries, we thought we were the only species in the world that has intelligence. Well, those beliefs are better left in the past! We already know that dolphins are so smart, they refer to each other by name. We know how good chimps, parrots, crows, and octopuses are at problem-solving. But if we decide to look closer to our everyday life, there’s another great example of animal brilliance. Dogs, obviously! Yes, every dog owner will tell you that their dog is the smartest in the world, but now we can actually measure their intelligence, just like we measure ours! Newly developed in the London School of Economics, IQ tests for dogs show that intelligence levels not only differ between the breeds but that they’re absolutely individual for each and every dog there is. The test takes about an hour, just like a human IQ test, and consists of three parts. The first part shows how quickly a dog can find its way to a food source or a treat that’s, of course, well-hidden. The second part measures a dog’s skill in determining what food source is better for it in terms of quantity, and its skill in decision-making overall. The third part is the toughest; it tests a dog’s capacity to understand human gestures, specifically pointing at an object where food is hidden.

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