7  Most Affordable Dog Breeds.

Wanting to get a dog, but your budget is a bit less than extravagant. These dog breeds will fill your heart without breaking your Bank account. here are our  7  Most Affectionate Dog Breeds – Buddies on a Budget.

1: Havanese

Want all the perks that come with having a cute, cuddly, furball without the cost of cleaning loose hairs? Then maybe you should have a Havanese. Since they don’t shed, their average purchase price of $1000 is not a bargain but is also not bad for 14 to 16 years of eschewing the costs of pet vacs, brushes and brooms. On the other hand, Havanese has a double coat that doesn’t shed, so you will need to budget accordingly for professional grooming. As with all toy dogs, the Havanese eat considerably less than larger breeds, so you’ll save on treats and at mealtime. They are also quite sturdy and healthy overall, with little tendency to develop major health issues, which keeps vet bills in check.

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