What you need to know about the $10 billion funding drive to revive knowledge

The Government of India (GOI) has decided to invest $10.5 billion to promote knowledge across all sectors of the economy.

This is a major commitment from the government as it aims to tackle the country’s massive illiteracy problem and build an economy that works for all of us.

The plan includes investing $1 billion in education, $500 million in digital literacy, $250 million in science and technology, $50 million in a “knowledge fight” to encourage scientists to share their knowledge and $100 million for training students in the sciences.

This will enable us to tackle knowledge gaps across India and ensure a more vibrant and inclusive education system.

The new initiative, known as Knowledge Fight, is part of the Government of Karnataka’s ‘Karnataka Digital India’ initiative, launched in July 2017.

The initiative was launched by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, and his Economic Adviser, Anurag Saxena, along with the Secretary General of UNESCO, Nandan Nilekani.

The government has also announced that it will invest $2 billion to develop technology solutions for the digital literacy sector.

The funding will be used to increase the use of digital technologies and to increase information sharing across India.

The Government is also looking to increase access to knowledge and knowledge-based products, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), in the country.

“In the next five years, we will invest Rs 20,000 crore to build a new infrastructure to connect the whole country to information,” Saxena said at the launch.

The investment will also help develop education and training programmes for students.

“The Government of Kanataka has already committed to create an education infrastructure to tackle illiteracy.

We are also in the process of making sure we are making it happen by providing a framework for education and education-related industries,” said Ravi Kumar, Head of Information Technology and Communications at the National Institute of Public Administration and Information Technology (NIPIT).

“This is a positive step to bring about a change in the perception of knowledge in our society.

The focus of the new initiative is on the empowerment of the people, especially in the knowledge-related fields, in a way that is inclusive of people of different socio-economic backgrounds,” said Saxena.

The initiative has been approved by the government and the funds are expected to be released in the coming weeks.

It is also likely to benefit students in rural areas as the Government has already started providing free laptops to schools to help students study.

The scheme is likely to lead to the development of new technologies in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education.

“This will ensure that more students are trained in the subjects they need to be able to learn, and to be educated,” said Suresh Khatri, President of the National Union of Students.

The project was launched in collaboration with the Centre for Research in Technology (CERT), the Research Council of India and the Indian Institute of Science.

The National Institute for Technology (IIT) has also been involved in the initiative.

“As part of our mission, we want to promote the sharing of knowledge through various channels, from teaching, learning and research, to marketing, government procurement and the broader market,” said Praveen Srinivasan, Director of the IITs Research Centre for Information Technology.

“Digital education has been a huge challenge for us, and the initiative is aimed at bridging the gap between education and technology and bridging knowledge across the entire country,” said Professor Rajesh Sharma, director of the Department of Computing Science and Engineering at IIT-Delhi.

“By encouraging a greater awareness of knowledge and making education accessible to everyone, we can make the country a more sustainable and prosperous place,” he said.

The Government has also promised to introduce the ‘Digital Knowledge Accelerator’ by 2020.

The programme aims to develop a network of institutions across India that will work together to create digital education.

This network will help people across the country to access digital resources.

“Education will not only be a technology-enabled business, it will also be a business for the future.

We must create a network where the public, government and corporate sectors can share best practices, provide resources, collaborate and even collaborate with each other,” said Kumar.

The new initiative has attracted much criticism for the lack of action.

“There is an obvious need for the Government to invest in education.

Yet, this is not a priority given the lack the budget to implement it,” said Manoj Srinivasa Rao, former Vice President and Head of Digital India at the Information Technology Corporation of India.

“A digital education is not only an opportunity for people to access information, but also an opportunity to create a career in IT.

We need a digital economy to create jobs for the people.

A digital economy can’t be a job for people who are illiterate,” he added.

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