Martial arts quiz – random knowledge quiz

A martial arts quiz has been conducted on the streets of Tokyo.

The quiz, which took place last week, asked people to answer questions about martial arts.

Some of the questions asked participants to pick one martial art and answer a few simple questions about it.

The questions asked how many days it takes for a student to learn a technique, how much experience a student has in a particular martial art, how the instructor is rated on the scale of a “very good” to a “mediocre” martial artist, and the rating given to a student by his or her peers.

A question asked participants if they believe in the martial arts, whether they believe that the world should end, whether martial arts are necessary for survival, and whether they think it is a good idea to teach martial arts to children.

Some participants responded that they believed in martial arts and they believe it is important to teach them, while others said they believed the world would end and that it is dangerous to teach children martial arts in the future.

Several people who participated in the quiz said they were not sure if they believed that the age limit for students to join a martial arts academy should be lowered.

Others said they do not believe in martial art but believe in karate.

In a Facebook post, the Tokyo branch of the Association for Peaceful Self-Defense (A-SPD) expressed its disappointment that the participants had chosen to participate in the exercise.

The A-SPd said the exercise had been planned and organized without proper approval and approval was revoked after a request by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s public security department.

In the post, which was shared on several social media platforms, the A-spd expressed disappointment that participants had selected to participate and said that they had asked them to reconsider their decision.

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