How to pass the NJ education exam with a working knowledge score

Working knowledge (WK) is a key skill in NJ public schools.

The NJ education department recently announced that teachers will be required to take a working-knowledge test in their first year of teaching.

Teachers will be expected to pass this test within the next three years.

The test was created in 2016 to evaluate teachers who are qualified to teach in New Jersey, but the state has been reluctant to share how many teachers will actually take the test.

In order to help the teachers prepare for the test, the state offered to pay for all of their travel expenses for the next two years.

The test will be administered in October and November.

The state also will pay for their bus passes, which will help teachers prepare.

While the test is not required, it’s important that teachers take the exam to prepare for it.

In order to pass, teachers need to demonstrate a level of knowledge in areas such as: science, math, reading, and writing.

The tests will be used to evaluate whether teachers are qualified for the jobs they’re applying for.

According to the NJ Department of Education, about 5 percent of teachers are considered to be highly qualified teachers, while the rest are not.

If you want to take the NJ exam, you’ll need to submit a form by December 23.

You can submit your test questions online and submit it by January 20.

You’ll also need to take three working knowledge tests, which means you’ll have to pass one and then another in order to be able to pass another.

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