When is it okay to talk about the word “science”?

I was having a great time at my birthday party, when the party bell rang.

I knew the bell meant the party was ending, so I decided to listen to the song.

“Oh, the science is coming up!

The science is in!”

I heard this and immediately began asking the questions that come up in every science class: Where is the water coming from?

How does this affect the weather?

How is the weather going to change over time?

How do I make sure my house is safe?

I could barely hear my own question.

Then the bell rang again.

Why did it sound so loud?

Why was it so loud that everyone could hear?

The next day, I tried to explain my question to my professor, who is a very smart person and was completely unfazed by my question.

I got the same answer, and the next day I asked my own teacher about the bell.

The next time, the same professor said that it was fine.

This is why science is so important: If you can ask a scientific question and have it be taken seriously, it means you understand the subject.

If you’re just getting into the subject, you might not understand the whole question at all.

If it seems too complicated or too boring, you may just be wasting your time.

But if you understand a scientific idea or answer, you can really understand how it works, why it works that way, and how to make sure you’re getting the best answer you can.

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