More people will use smartphones in Australia than ever before, study says

More people in Australia will be using smartphones in the next decade than ever, a study has found.

Key points:The study says Australians will have over 50% more phones in the home by 2025The research suggests that Australia will see a dramatic increase in people using their phones to do everything from reading emails to shoppingThe research found Australians would have over a million smartphones in their homes by 2025 if it was not for technology that is currently out of reach.

In a new study, a group of researchers from the University of Sydney, the University for Science and Technology (UST) and the Australian National University have found that in 2025, Australians will be over 50 per cent more likely to have smartphones than they were a decade ago.

The report, titled “What We Mean When We Talk About Smartphones and the Future of Australia”, was published today by the Australian Journal of Economics and Business.

It is based on a survey of 2,000 people who live in a region with high concentrations of people using smartphones.

“We are seeing an incredible leap in the use of mobile devices and, if we look ahead to 2030, it is going to be more than twice as many people as we are now,” Dr Stephen Latham, one of the researchers from UNSW, said.

“I’m not sure why it has taken so long for technology to catch up with the technology.”

Dr Latham said the study’s findings are important as technology in the homes is becoming increasingly important for a variety of social and health services.

“The trend is definitely not in the way we thought it was going to happen, and the question is: How can we make it a bit better?”

He said the survey also showed that there was a significant gap between the number of people living in areas with the most smartphones and those with the least.

“In the north, there is a very large gap, with one-fifth of the population being connected to a mobile phone,” he said.

The researchers said that the rapid increase in the number and sophistication of smartphones is an example of the rise of technology.

“When we look at how we’re living in the 21st century, we are seeing the arrival of smartphones that are just like the Apple iPhone in terms of size, in terms the connectivity, in the speed of communication and the ability to do things in real time,” Dr Latham explained.

“And the thing is, they are really good at delivering what you want, they’re not like the iPod that you’re going to throw away.”

He said there were two things that are important to remember when looking at the future of Australia.

“One is that there’s a tremendous opportunity for the use and distribution of mobile phones, and this is really a global issue, so you’re not just going to see this trend continue in the US, but globally,” Dr Wessel said.

He said Australia’s population was already set to reach over 6 million by 2030.

“So this means we are going to have over four million people living with smartphones in 2030, which is more than five times more than there were five years ago,” he added.

Dr Lathan said Australia was already at a point where the amount of people with smartphones was growing.

“There’s not going to need to be a massive boom in smartphones to make it happen.

We are going through a period of growth, and we have already reached the growth rate that we are in now,” he explained.

He added that while there was no guarantee that Australians would be able to afford smartphones, the survey indicated that people were living longer than ever.

“As long as we have the right policies and the right infrastructure, it will be a great opportunity for us to get ahead,” Dr Sohi said.

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