New Jersey is ranked the 10th best state in the country for education and the 10 best states for health care


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State University Health Center in Newark reports the New Jersey State University system is ranked in the top 10 in the nation for education, health care, and economic development.

According to the latest rankings by the New York-based Center for Education and Economic Development (CEED), New Jersey has a total of 639,865 students enrolled at public and private schools, and 477,891 students in private schools.

N.J., a state of 4.8 million people, has the nation’s fourth-largest public school system, with more than 8,000 students enrolled.

Nj. has the third-highest percentage of high school graduates, behind only Rhode Island and Vermont.

The state has the second-highest number of college graduates, with 31 percent of its students receiving degrees, with nearly 3,000 graduates each year.

The state is ranked second in the national rankings for the percentage of students enrolled in college, with 55.5 percent of New Jersey’s total students attending college.

New Jersey has also been ranked the fifth-best state in terms of economic development, according to CEED.

It is ranked first in terms in terms with quality of life, with the state ranking fourth in terms on how well schools and businesses are serving the residents of the state.

For the past two years, New Jersey ranked first nationally in terms for the number of students completing four years of college, according the report.

In 2016, the state saw an increase in the number students graduating from high school, from 3,821 to 3,908.

The number of New Jerseys graduating with a college degree increased from 2,738 to 2,918, according CEED’s report.

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