What are the top 10 health problems that could cause ‘cloud puffiness’?

With cloud puffiness, a phenomenon seen in the form of light spots in your eyes, you might have a problem with your eyes or a condition called retinitis pigmentosa, which is the inflammation of your retina.

If you have a condition like retinopathy pigmentosa or macular degeneration, your eyes could also be affected.

And if you have chronic fatigue syndrome or are allergic to the sun or your skin, it’s possible your body could have trouble getting enough vitamin D. And some people with some of these conditions have a reaction to certain medications that have been prescribed to treat conditions like asthma or allergies.

If the condition worsens, it can cause you to get tired, irritable, or even even worse, hypervigilant.

These reactions are known as photophobia and they occur because of the way our bodies react to light, or what’s known as retinal refractive error.

When we see something that’s too bright, we see it in the dark.

If we see too dark, we don’t see it.

But with photophobia, our eyes see the image as too bright.

This can cause problems when it comes to things like reading or writing, but also in other areas.

What causes cloud puffing?

Many people are familiar with the symptoms of photophobia: when you see something too bright in the light, you can’t see what it’s actually looking at, so it’s hard to read or write.

The problem is, these reactions can also be caused by other things.

One study found that people who are more sensitive to light and to light-sensitive wavelengths are more likely to have photophobia.

In fact, one study found people who have more light sensitivity are more susceptible to photophobia than people who don’t have the sensitivity at all.

It’s also possible that your body’s reaction to the light is linked to your genetic makeup.

A genetic predisposition can explain why some people are more prone to photobia, and vice versa.

In addition, there are also environmental factors that affect how we react to bright light, like exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light, indoor lighting, or the fact that we’re exposed to bright sunlight early in life.

But the most common reason people have trouble spotting bright light is because of phototaxis, which means that light is perceived as being too bright because of how it bounces off the retina.

When you have light that’s bounced off the back of your eye, it doesn’t seem to bounce exactly as it should, and it may actually appear too dark.

But if you’re sensitive to the bright light bouncing off the front of your eyes (the phototactic response), you might be able to see the bright spot in the shadows as well.

And that’s what causes the cloud puff.

Why does it happen?

The retina is a thin, flexible membrane that’s a layer of cells that processes light energy.

When light hits it, the cell membrane breaks up into tiny pieces of light energy and gets reflected off the surface of the retina, where it bounces back into your eyes.

Because the cell membranes of the eye are so thin, the light can’t bounce off them in a straight line, and instead, it bounces as if it’s bouncing off a glass of water.

But because light doesn’t have a clear path to reach the retina from the front, it gets reflected back at the back.

The retina doesn’t just make up a layer, it also contains many cells, and they’re all different kinds of cells.

These cells are called retinal ganglion cells.

The ganglions are the cells that make up the cells of your retinas.

Each gangliorginal cell contains about 40,000 cells.

If your ganglionic cell is full, it means that your retina has a lot of light-detecting cells.

So when you have lots of light reflecting off of your ganglia, they can pick up the light that hits them, and then send it to the back cells.

When the ganglias are full, the back cell can’t pick up any light and doesn’t produce any light-based pigment.

This is why you can see a cloud of red light in the night sky.

The back cells, however, can pick some light up, and when they do, the ganglia can absorb the light and make some of it available to your retina, which can help it pick up more light.

That’s how your eye can pick out light from outside, or when you’re standing still, or if you are standing in bright light.

So it can pick light up and then use that light to pick up information about objects and people, and the more light you get in your retina (which can be caused when you are in a bright light source), the better your visual perception will be.

How does it affect you?

Cloud puffing is most common in people with

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