How did this meme get started?

In May, an image macro with the caption “knowledge meme” appeared on Reddit.

It was created by user @AlfieGates, who wrote about it on Twitter.

The meme’s origins are unclear, but it was first used in June on Imgur, a photo sharing site, and then shared across Twitter and Reddit, the latter of which is popular among tech enthusiasts.

The meme’s popularity was only confirmed on August 5, when @aardvark uploaded a screenshot of the meme to Instagram.

Imgur user @amiekrohn, who shared the screenshot on Twitter, told Business Insider that the image was shared over 500 times on the platform before being taken down by the social media site.

“This meme has been shared over 250,000 times in less than a day,” she said.

@amie krohn shared the image of the knowledge meme on Instagram in August.

It’s been shared more than 250,00 times in just 24 hours.

The source of the image is unclear.

However, @amieshale, who is an American-born woman, told TechCrunch that she has “had a ton of discussions with her mom and dad about the meme” over the past year.

“It started in May with a bunch of people on Instagram who were sharing memes about a different product that had a bunch to do with computers,” she added.

“They said they wanted to use the meme in their own marketing, and I just figured if they wanted it to be taken down they should do it.”

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