When the internet becomes the primary medium for learning, we need to rethink the role of reading

Google has been testing a new product, and it’s not just any internet-based learning tool.

It’s a novel approach to learning that is aimed at helping teachers better understand students’ interests and how they learn.

And it’s about changing the way we think about reading.

Google’s product, the Knowledge Panel, is part of a broader effort by Google to transform the way students learn online and in the real world.

In a speech this week at the Association of American Publishers conference in Las Vegas, Google chairman Eric Schmidt said that “we need to think about what the primary digital medium is going to be in the future.”

That means not just textbooks, but apps, video games, social media and podcasts as well.

Schmidt said this new learning tool will help teachers figure out how to better support students’ learning.

Google has a big advantage over other companies that have tried to reinvent reading: Its products are already available for free.

But Google has said it plans to spend as much as $4 billion on the product.

The company has been working on a version of the Knowledge Panels for several years, and has already partnered with some big publishers to sell a set of tools that can be used in the classroom.

It has also been working with educational technology companies to develop products that can help educators better understand and engage students.

The new products are a new take on the kinds of tools students learn by doing.

The Learning Panel combines several aspects of the previous Google products into one: It allows students to record video clips, play games and watch podcasts; it’s a new way for teachers to help students understand what they’re learning, as well as how to best communicate it; and it is a tool for teaching students to think creatively.

The main idea of the Learning Panel is that the main reason students learn is by reading.

Students are taught to think and create in the same way that they’re taught in school.

They are told to think in terms of the meaning of words, not words in a way that sounds logical, but instead as pictures.

Google calls this new approach “synthesizing.”

The company is taking a different approach to teaching reading, which is a very traditional way of learning.

Instead of learning the basic elements of reading, students learn the most common word that they hear.

It may be the word they hear for the first time or it may be a phrase that they’ve already learned.

In the Learning Panels, students see a list of the words that come to mind and try to figure out what those are.

This is the core teaching principle of reading: students should be able to solve problems, learn things and do what they want.

The learning principle that the Learning panel is based on is the one that has been most successful for students in the United States.

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