“What to read in this week’s news: The future of AI”

The future, according to the book’s subtitle, is “AI that is smart, but not necessarily clever.”

And that, the authors say, means that AI will continue to advance “as the world moves forward toward an intelligent and connected society.”

The authors note that the book focuses on the topic because, they argue, “the pace of change is accelerating.”

They write that, in light of AI’s rapidly growing potential, the book “is intended to be a primer for those interested in the future of the technology.”

They say that the future is, in fact, coming, but it won’t be the future they imagined when they first wrote the book.

Instead, the future will be, “a world of AI that is smarter, but never necessarily clever,” the authors write.

In a series of interviews with the authors, AI expert and futurist Nick Bostrom offered some insights into the future, noting that we will “be living in a digital age,” with “a rapidly growing number of devices” connected to the Internet, a world that “has a lot of people who have a lot to contribute to it.”

Bostrom noted that, “we are on the verge of having a machine intelligence that can be programmed to do many things, but that will be able to do things it couldn’t do before.”

Bustle’s Paul Elam is also among those who believe AI will eventually be able “to become a fully self-aware AI.”

Elam noted that this will, in turn, have “a tremendous impact on the world.”

In a future in which AI is “the main means of communication,” the world will “will be less likely to have a centralized political system,” and more likely to be “a global society of people.”

And the authors believe that this is a good thing:In a future where AI is able to make decisions for itself, it will have “the power to decide who will rule the world, how people will live their lives, and what kinds of laws they will pass.”

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