How to avoid having your data used against you

When it comes to online privacy, a lot of people think of Facebook as a place where you can share your personal information with strangers and find the most accurate information.

But the social network has a much bigger and more important role to play.

This week, Facebook’s privacy team announced plans to roll out a program that would allow people to upload their private data to a database that it would then use to monitor your activity and to determine what content is most popular.

The program would work in tandem with Facebook’s data-tracking system, which is called Timeline.

It’s one of many tools Facebook has been rolling out in an effort to improve its user experience and to improve privacy and security.

Timeline, which Facebook says is used by 50% of users to track how they spend their time, has been widely criticized for not adequately informing users about what information it collects and how it uses it.

Timeline’s privacy policy describes its purpose as a “service that provides the opportunity to connect people across the web, and to share their lives.”

In addition to Timeline, Facebook has also rolled out its Timeline-to-device sharing feature that allows people to share photos and videos from their device with others.

Users can also upload their own content to Timeline.

These tools are designed to help users make informed decisions about how to use Facebook, but they’re also intended to help Facebook keep tabs on users.

The Timeline-device feature has been criticized for being overly intrusive, and Facebook says it’s working to address the privacy concerns of those who use it.

“If we don’t want people to be forced to share sensitive information, we want to give people the ability to opt out,” Facebook vice president for product marketing Ben Diamant told CNN.

“We also want people who want to use our tools to do so anonymously, so that they don’t have to worry about their privacy being violated.”

Timeline and Timeline-specific tools are only part of Facebook’s efforts to improve user privacy.

The company has also been working to make the company’s social network more user-friendly and to give users more control over how they use their accounts.

Last week, for example, Facebook announced a new feature that lets users edit and manage their posts, photos and other social media content.

Users will be able to use these new tools to make changes to how they share and share less.

Facebook’s next steps include rolling out new features like Timeline-sharing to help people make more informed decisions and improving Timeline-related features like the ability for users to change what information they share with other people.

Timeline will be used in many other ways too, including on mobile devices and through the web.

The mobile version of Timeline will allow users to share content with others from within the app, so people can share links to other people’s posts, videos or photos.

Timeline is a popular way to share links, and people can post links to a user’s timeline, or even post to it from a page within the social networking app.

Timeline also will be an option on devices with Apple’s QuickReply feature.

Users on Apple devices can add a user to their Timeline from within QuickReply, which lets users post comments to other users’ timelines.

Users have the option of letting others comment on their own posts or messages, or making comments about someone else’s post or message.

The ability to add a Timeline user has been around for years, but this is the first time that the company has added a way to post content to it.

For example, users can add their own timeline and use the tool to post comments about it, or they can use QuickReply to make a comment on a post.

When a user shares a link to their timeline, a quick response option will appear on the Timeline, letting users know how to share the link to another person’s timeline.

The user can also post comments and links from their timeline on other people and let the other person see the content that has been posted.

Timeline and QuickReply are only the tip of the iceberg.

Facebook is also working on its own mobile app, called Timeline Mobile, that will allow people who have previously made a post to make comments on that post, share a link from that post to their friends, or send a link directly to their own Timeline.

Timeline Mobile will be available later this year for Android and iOS devices.

Timeline-based features are also part of the Facebook Platform, a suite of tools that the social media giant is using to build the company into a social platform that will ultimately help make Facebook a truly global company.

The Facebook Platform has a number of important features, including a unified search engine, which allows users to find and connect with the people and things that interest them.

For instance, a person can search for things that relate to them and get suggestions based on that search, and users can search in different parts of the world, which gives them a better idea of what’s popular and relevant in their area of interest.

This unified search and sharing platform will help Facebook connect people with friends, and will

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