Month: September 2021

What is Knowledge

What is knowledge?How do you know what you know?In this episode of the podcast, we talk to the experts on the topic of knowledge.This is a really good one.And if you haven’t listened to the episode yet, please do it now.You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play Music.Free View in […]

Book: The Bible is an Unquestionably Biblical Book says it found a “fascinating and informative” book in the Bible that proves it.The online bible retailer has published an ebook entitled “The Bible Is An Unquestionable Biblical Book,” which it describes as “an easy read and easy to understand introduction to the Bible.”The book, which was published in June, includes an introduction to […]

Watch out for this ‘brain-training’ device

Posted July 07, 2018 08:25:33 This week, the ABC has released a documentary on the use of brain-training devices in education and health care to teach people how to learn and master new skills.In the film, which was filmed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Education Tonight, researchers have shown the use in schools, as well […]

Why Indigenous Australians need to learn more about their health

Health experts are urging all Australians to learn about their Indigenous health and wellness, in the wake of a spate of Indigenous deaths.Indigenous people are one of the most vulnerable groups in Australia, and a growing number of people are living in isolation and in poverty.“People need to get the facts,” said Dr Andrew Jones, […]

How to find information on the Cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

It’s been a year since the first cryptocurrency became a mainstream way to send money online, and now it’s time to learn more about it.While there are still some major questions that still need to be answered, there are also many tools and websites that can help you get started.Here are a few sites you […]

Which of the following is a better choice for students?

The best choice for the average student in terms of learning is the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) science knowledge test.The test measures students’ ability to grasp the basics of basic science concepts such as “What is water?” and “What does it mean to have a mind?”The test is one of the most widely […]

10 ways you can help the world understand the world in the 21st century

Now Playing: China to launch a new generation of smart homes in 2017Now Playing: Chinese city aims to save 1 million lives in a year with a $5 billion planNow Playing.New research shows that the world is more interconnected than ever.Now Playing.The next big tech story: China’s next big challenge.Now Play.What is China’s plan for […]

‘Carnal Knowledge’: This is how the world will end when a pandemic wipes out all of us

I’ve been reading about the pandemic the whole time.I don’t think the news of the pandemics first came to my attention until just before I had a few weeks to go.I’m talking about the first week of September, 2018.That’s when I was actually able to watch the first episode of the new Fox series,Carnel Knowledge.It […]

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