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Which of the following knowledge management apps is best for learning more?

Mashable article When you’re a teacher or educator, the number one thing you want to know is how to create, deliver, and retain learning content for your students.You’ll want to build a great learning app that provides the tools you need to build and deliver a great online education.This article covers the main features of […]

What do the experts say about NEO dark knowledge plus intelligence?

We will see what NEO darkknowledge plus intelligence is capable of, but we can only speculate at the moment.A new project called NEOdark knowledge plus intel, was announced by a mysterious company in August.The project is described as an “Ethereum smart contract processor” that has the ability to read and understand the dark knowledge of […]

The question of knowledge building: How to make it a challenge

The question is: How do we get more people in academia and in the wider knowledge-building sector, so that we can increase our knowledge base and make our systems better?The answer is not simple.We’re at a point now where we have the capacity to educate people across the world, and to teach them skills that […]

Why do people learn more from people who have a good understanding of the topic?

I’m always amazed at the number of people who ask me why people learn so much more from someone who has a good grasp of the subject.Why is that?┬áThe answers vary depending on the subject, and it varies by context.I have a few ideas on how to answer that question, but the key thing to […]

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