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Rapper/writer/actor J. Cole and his R&B career is alive and well

Rapper J.Cole’s rapping career, like many in the industry, was once very lucrative.He started out with several albums that eventually reached the number one spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.It was the mid-2000s, and his career had been very successful.But the next big thing in rap was hip-hop.It would be a few years before the […]

The Practical Knowledge Owl: The Truth About Science, Logic and the Scientific Method

A lot of people get excited when a scientist says something is scientific, and they then say, “That means I can prove it to myself, right?”Well, not necessarily.Scientific theories have been known to fail, and in fact, some theories are based on actual science.But if you’re not already a skeptic about everything, there are some […]

Practical knowledge experiment: Romanian vocabulary experiment, Russian knowledge experiment

Practical Knowledge Experiment – This is a science project to experimentally demonstrate that the Russian language can be used in a number of different contexts in a Russian context, to be able to use it to communicate, to read Russian, and to write in Russian.This is an experiment to prove that there are many possible […]

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