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Which is more effective: learning an esoteric knowledge or mastering an intellectual art?

The answer depends on the individual, said Susan J. Sallis, a professor of English at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.For example, if you want to learn about the history of the world, then you need to study the history, not just the past, she said.But if you have a background in the […]

Why is it that Foucault’s essay ‘The Power of Knowledge’ was so powerful for Foucauldian thought?

In his seminal essay ‘On Knowledge’, Foucaults claim that knowledge is “the highest form of knowledge”.This concept was used in his later writings as well, but it is often thought of as an esoteric philosophical concept.Foucaux’s ideas were largely ignored by mainstream academia until a few decades ago, when, following the collapse of the Soviet […]

The Best Science Fiction Books That May Not Be On Your List

Science Fiction, a genre in which writers and readers are often at odds, has long been an area of passionate debate.¬†For some, it is a genre of science fiction, where ideas can be so complex that they are impossible to grasp.For others, it’s a genre that explores the limits of human knowledge, where technology and […]

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