List Of Warning Signs In Your Pet’s Behavior

We love our pets. They are our family. They wake you up in the morning asking you to feed them or take them for a walk. They miss you when you go to work, and they are extremely happy to see you coming back home. We get used to them very much and learn their behaviors quickly. The difference between pets and the rest of the family is that animals can’t complain when they are sick. Here’s a list of warning signs In your pet’s behavior. If you notice any of them, you should take your pet to the vet urgently.

Breathing problems

If you notice your pet breathing rapidly with its mouth open (especially cats), you should take it to the vet immediately! The poor pet may have heart problems or liquid in the chest.

Change of the gum’s color

Red eyes and excessive secretion are symptoms of viruses and bacterial infection. For example, clear secretion from the cat’s eyes means the cat has a virus. If the liquid is green or yellow, we’re dealing with an infection.

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