Saddlebags Fat : How To Get Rid Of Them

Are you looking to get rid of your saddlebag fat? If you haven’t heard about it, it may sound strange. Let me enlighten you. Saddlebag fat is an underdeveloped area between your thighs and your glutes. For many people, it can be a pain to get rid of. Especially when you feel like you’re already in comfortable shape. But if you’re up for the challenge, let’s talk about 6 ways you can lose your saddlebag fat. How do you feel about squats? Have you ever heard of planking? What about bridges?

1. Side Planking

this workout is anything but simple. For those of you who haven’t heard of planking, it is an exercise meant to strengthen your abdominal muscles, back and shoulders. Side planking, on the other hand, is meant to strengthen your outer thighs as well as help improve your balance. And seriously, it does wonders on your midsection. When practicing the side plank hip abduction, you lie on your side with your top leg extended and your bottom leg bent back. From there, you slowly elevate your top leg into the air and lower it back down, repeating this cycle a few times over before switching to the other sides. As difficult as this may sound, this could be one of the first steps to getting rid of that annoying saddlebag.

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