7 Warning Signs That You Are Prediabetic

Many diabetics don’t even realize they have the disease. Are you afraid you might be one of these people? There are actually many symptoms that can serve as red flags. Let’s talk about 7 Warning Signs That You Are Prediabetic.

1- You Frequently Urinate

This is one of the most notable signs of this common metabolic disorder. One that you may not even notice. In fact, upon the first discoveries of diabetes in ancient times, Egyptian documents described“too great emptying of the urine” among the symptoms. When you’re prediabetic, your glucose level increases. Due to this increase, your kidneys begin working overtime, resulting in frequent urination. Just to clarify, this usually means visiting the bathroom more than 8 times a day. Over time, your urine will flush out fluids from inside your body’s tissue, causing you to feel symptoms of dehydration.

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